Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Behari


ornament1Welcome to official website of ISKCON Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Behari at Govardhan Eco Village. ISKCON belongs to the Gaudiya-Vaishnava sampradaya, a monotheistic tradition within the Vedic and Hindu cultural traditions.

Daily Darshan

ornament1 You can have daily darshan of deities installed in the temple and also an opportunity for devotees all around the world to participate in festivals  celebrated at the temple by giving photo-galleries of festivals.


Mandovar Carvings

ornament1 VCEC  project is avant-garde in its use of traditional values inculcated for modern times. The community consists of children, families, monks, the elderly, ladies, bachelor staffs, etc. all co-dependent on each other

Vrindavan Forest

ornament1 The Vrindavan forest at GEV will have replicas of – the 12 forests of Vrindavan, the prominent temples, lakes, trees and also the river Yamuna.To complete and compliment Vrindavan will be the Govardhan Hill

Upcoming Events





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Srila Prabhupada

How to


One can practice meditating upon the Deity, concentrating his mind on the lotus feet of the Lord and gradually rising higher and higher, up to His smiling face.
Lord Krishna

What we should

offer to Lord

The devotee should more fully establish My Deity by solidly constructing a temple, along with beautiful gardens. These gardens should be set aside to provide flowers for the regular daily worship, special Deity processions and holiday observances. - By Lord Krishna to Uddhava [SB 11.27.50 (Uddhava Gita)]
Srila Prabhupada

Purpose of Deity worship

"The Deity in the temple is the arca incarnation of the Personality of Godhead, and thus the Deity is identical with the Lord in all respects."
Radhanath Swami

On Deity worship.

'Living in a home with a family appearing to be an ordinary man, if we learn this divine science of worshipping the deity properly, we are performing a yoga, we are performing a spiritual practice far superior even to those persons who are way up in the Himalayan mountains living in caves, fasting, depriving their bodies of all necessities in meditation."
Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna
to Uddhava

"I am pleased by any insignificant offering made by My loving devotees, and I am certainly most pleased when nice presentations of fragrant oil, incense, flowers and palatable foods are offered with love."
Radhanath Swami

Causeless Mercy

of Lord

"• It is out of causeless mercy, that Krsna appears within this world as the deity, to attract our hearts, to attract our service, and to awaken our love."