Tucked away in the rustic landscape of GEV is a traditional south Indian style stone temple, small yet beautiful, where Sri Hanumanji is residing just adjacent to our guest cottages.

Hanumann2Sri Hanumanji, an eternal servant of Lord Ram was empowered to leap the ocean in search of Mother Sita. Hanumanji served a proof for the fact that by the mercy of Lord one can achieve things beyond his capacity. For his service to Lord Rama, he is worshipped all over the world to this day.

As the worship of the Supreme Lord gives pleasure to His devotees, the worship of His pure devotees gives pleasure to the Lord.

At the VCEC, along with Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Behari, the residents also lovingly worship Sri Hanumanji, the foremost devotee of Lord Sri Ramachandra.

Hanumanji at GEV is carved from an auspicious black stone known as Krishna-shila, sourced from the state of Karnataka, India. With one hand he is holding a thunderous mace while on the other the Drona Mountain. The traditional stone floor, carved stone dome with its artwork, natural oil lamps spreading a yellow glow all over the inner sanctum and the glistening ornaments all make this temple as a special offering to Sri Hanumanji. The bhumi puja for this temple was performed on 25th April 2013 and the prana pratishta of Sri Hanumanji deity is done by HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj on 23rd July 2013.

With farm fresh flowers, colourful ornaments and dress to offer, the pujari rings the bell to commence the first worship of the day to Hanumanji. As a devotee takes great pleasure in honoring the remnants of food items left by the Supreme Lord as Maha prasadam. At the VCEC, Hanumanji is offered the Maha prasadam of Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Behari three times in a day before he rests at 8 pm.


On the day of Hanuman Jayanti (appearance day of Sri Hanuman), the community of devotees make an exceptional effort to please Sri Hanuman with their offerings. Dressed with new garments and forest flowers, Sri Hanuman glows in the yellow radiance from the oil lamps. In devotion, what actually count are one’s loving intentions however love is also expressed by enthusiastic endeavours to please the beloved. On the special day of his appearance, Sri Hanuman is offered many offerings of bhoga including 108 gulab Jamuns and rasagulla and his favourite Medu Vada made from urad dal.

Sri Hanumanji, as a caring Vaishnava protects all the residents of GEV and helps them in their service to Sri Guru and Gauranga by removing the obstacles which come to impede. An evident proof is the rapid completion of Sri Radha Vrindavan Bihari’s Temple within a few months which was otherwise pending for many years. It’s not just a coincidence but a divine arrangement that Sri Radha Vrindavan Bihari temple was inaugurated on the day of Sri Hanuman Jayanti on the 15th April of 2014.

We offer our gratitude and prayers at the Lotus feet of Sri Hanuman for his continued blessings and protection to engage in the service of Sri Guru and Gauranga.